Saturday, November 18, 2006

Schedule for remainder of term

Tuesday, Nov. 21

Cassirer, Chapter 6: Law State and Society, continued

Enquiry concerning Political Justice - Godwin
Declaration of Rights of Man and the Citizen
Declaration of the Rights of Man -Paine
Common Sense -Paine
Federalist #10 - Madison

Thursday Nov. 23


Tuesday Nov. 28

Cassirer, Ch. 6: Social Contract and Method of the Social Sciences
Social Contract --Rousseau
Discourse on the Origin of Inequality --Rousseau

Thursday, Nov. 30

Enlightenment Economics

Franklin, Industry the Way to Wealth
Quesnay, The Physiocratic Formula
Smith, The Wealth of Nations


Tuesday December 5

Final Discussion:

Evaluate the effect of the Enlightenment on the West
1) what are its negative consequences?
2) What are its positive consequences?

How do we relate to cultures that never experienced the Enlightenment?

Thursday, December 7

NO CLASS: Writing Day
Use this time to put finishing touches on your Becker paper


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